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Why Your Roadmap Should Be Flexible

"The very nature of the roadmap should outline the product vision effectively enough to allow teams to work with relative autonomy, and ensures that a cohesive, valuable product is being built."

Managing Roadmap in a constantly moving environment is very hard and can be quite frustrating. Here are some good tips. The most important is not to focus on delivery dates but on priorities and product vision. This article makes sense to me!

The Value of Content

"Analytics only tell you part of the story — if that’s all you bother to find out, and you have absolute faith in those numbers, then you’re going to end up putting a modal overlay on your site." 

Interesting piece on why websites are ending up to hide their content behind modal overlays?

Saving the titanic

Interesting notes from a talk about lean, quick publishing. References the Quartz curve, which is one of my favourite curves.

How to do good talks at conferences


iOS 7, the final straw for Newsstand


With the introduction of iOS 7, we’ve decided to no longer recommend Newsstand to our Maggio publisher clients. We recommend publishing non-Newsstand iOS apps instead.

All media talk about platform-neutrality but all media is about habit. Technology shatters these habits.

David Hepworth. He’s talking about radio, but habit is key to much offline media, and incredibly difficult to create digitally. 

In-App Purchase Revenue Hits Record High: Accounts For 76% Of U.S. iPhone App Revenue

TechCrunch goes through some recent numbers; overwhelming shift to free app with IAP. Services win out over individual objects.

The end of paid apps

Strong, succinct piece by Marco Arment on the death of paid apps. As I’ve argued for a while, if you want to make paid content work, think about services, not artefacts.

Adding a mobile device will drop our anualised churn rate by four points

News’ Chris Duncan on Times subscriptions etc. Another take here, it’s clear that more devices = more engagement. 
How Chinese Android users get their apps, via benedictevans

How Chinese Android users get their apps, via benedictevans

How Flipboard's Head Designer Grapples With The Web's Manic Pace Of Change

Another reason why not to obsess too much over replicating the print look and feel.  

Unbundling: AOL, Facebook and LinkedIn


One of the recurring themes of the consumer internet is the cycle from aggregation to disaggregation - bundling to unbundling. There is a lot of value in services that pull everything together in one place, but over time that value starts to recede, the lock-ins keeping people there weaken and the appeal of having separate, specialised products grows. And then, after a while, the appeal of aggregation starts to grow again. We saw this in the past with AOL, and now with Facebook on mobile.

LinkedIn is another interesting example of a product waiting to be unbundled, and it looks especially vulnerable because of the consistently poor execution of so many core features.

The redesign is based on three key principles: clarity, deference, and depth.

iMore’s iOS 7 review.

Apple begins allowing users running legacy iOS builds to download older versions of apps

Sensible move; if the new version is 7.0 only, iPad 1 users aren’t totally shut out.